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Meet the <em>'Squad 85'</em> team

Meet the 'Squad 85' team

Now Available: <em>'Squad 85'</em> Trading Cards

Now Available: 'Squad 85' Trading Cards

In 1985, the Los Angeles Police Department experimented with a secret Time Travel Division.
Catapulting ten of L.A.'s Finest 25 years into the future... that future is NOW.


The Show

“In 1985, the Los Angeles Police Department Experimented with a secret time-travel division, catapulting four of LA’s finest, twenty-five years into the future. That future… Is Now!”

Into today’s tired world of lab work, warrants, and white-gloved crime scene investigations, bust an elite, twentysomething, mixed-race team of police who only know to kick down doors and ask questions later. Our band of cops — RUSTY (the Hearthrob), WHEELS (the Brains), BRONX (the Muscle), TORI (Disguises/Accents), BOBBY (the Rookie) & THE CHIEF — are assigned to solve the cases only they can.

In Series One, the Squad is hot on the trail of RICKMAN (Parvesh Cheena – Outsourced, Barbershop, Friend Me), as he tries to run a new lethal designer drug through Dukakis High. And it turns out he has ties to other things… big things…

The Creators & Cast

The Crew

  • Showrunner / Director Gregory Bonsignore
  • DP Robert Webb
  • Executive Producer Justin Lin
  • Producers Andrew Beck
  • Parvesh Cheena
  • Reena Dutt +View bio.+

    Reena Dutt

    Reena Dutt is a producer of Film, Theatre and New Media. Her most recent film, THE 5, won the Jury’s Honorable Mention at IFFLA (starring Vik Sahay, Samrat Chakrabarti, and Meera Simhan, directed by Ravi Kapoor), and she is also producer of OR DIE, starting the festival circuit in 2012, starring OUTSOURCED’s Parvesh Cheena, Rizwan Manji, and Guru Singh, as well as MAD TV’s Bryan Callen. On the web, she Co-produced The Real Girls’ Guide to Everything Else (as reviewed by NPR – therealgirlsguide.com). On stage, she has produced for the APWC at the Disney Concert Hall, FringeNYC, Hollywood Fringe, Theatre of NOTE, Disha Theatre (NYC), and Off-Chance Productions (Co-founder, www.offchanceproductions.info).  Reena is also an actor and director.

    A full list of credits can be found at www.reenadutt.com

    Twitter - http://twitter.com/reenadutt
    Facebook -  http://www.facebook.com/reena.dutt.92
    Website – http://www.reenadutt.com

  • Associate Producer Chandler Poling
  • Assistant Director Mike Gillis
  • 2nd AD Mike Currie
  • B Camera Operator Steven Moreno
  • DP (NYC) John Kim
  • Sound (NYC) Kevaughn Harvey
  • 1st AC Ezra Basin-Hill
  • 1st AC Shauna Morgan Brown
  • 2nd AC Kevin Wells
  • Gaffer Daniel Gomez Bagby
  • Grip Dave Damiata
  • Key Grip John Mijares
  • Executives in Charge of Production for YOMYOMF Network Philip W. Chung
  • Salvador Gatdula
  • Abdul Kahn
  • YOMYOMF liason Deepa Jeeva
  • Sound Benjamin Chan
  • Additional Sound Mixer and Boom Kevin Bellante
  • Theme Composer Jeff Bowen +View bio.+

    Jeff Bowen

    In 1985 I had a VHS tape of every possible TV intro that could be recorded from the channels our satellite dish picked up.  I was sad when the tape disappeared in the mid 90s, but thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy all the classic intros like “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”, “The Second Hundred Years”, “Tales of the Gold Monkey” and other shows that nine people remember.  When Greg asked me if I’d like to write a theme song for an 80s cop show, it was as if the 13-year old TV-obsessed kid in me from 1985 was suddenly hurled to the present and presented with the greatest invitation ever.  Duh.  The answer is yes.  I dove into every musical note of Mike Post’s that was ever played on the air and in a mere five minutes, the melody, the instrumentation, the energy, and the groove of the “Squad 85″ theme song was going onto paper.  And by paper, I mean a computer.  I called my pal Rob Preuss, a conductor and keyboardist (and was a member of the 80s new wave, synth pop band “Spoons”), and asked him to lay down a demo and orchestrate the song with all of our favorite instruments of the rubber bracelets and Coca-Cola sweatshirt years.  I didn’t want to just musically send-up the era, I wanted to write a theme song that the 13-year old me would’ve loved to hear in 1985.   The “Theme from Squad 85″ makes me very happy and it would’ve totally been on my VHS tape.

    Jeff Bowen (Music and Lyrics) wrote the music and lyrics for and starred in the Broadway musical [title of show] for which he won an Obie Award, as well as a GLAAD Media nomination and, along with his cast mates, a Drama League nomination for Distinguished Performance by an Ensemble. He was awarded the Jim Owles Human Rights Award and was named one of the 100 most influential people in OUT MAGAZINE. He also wrote the music and lyrics and starred in the off-Broadway musical Now. Here. This.  He has written music and lyrics for Villains Tonight! for the Walt Disney Companythe Easter Bonnet competition for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the Actors Fund 125th Anniversary Gala, the Vineyard Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Gala, the 53rd Annual Drama Desk Awards, Broadway in South Africa, and Broadway Bares 18: Wonderland. He has composed music for several shows at P.S. 122 including Avant-Garde-A-Rama in Sparklevision; Sparklefest 2000 at Dixon Place; The A-Train Plays; and the short film Boat Mime.  He co-wrote and starred in the web series, “the [title of show] show” as well as scoring and performing its theme song.  Jeff is a proud member of ASCAP, AEA, WGA, Dramatists Guild and the National Audubon Society.

    twitter: @jefbowen
    tumblr: jefbowen.tumblr.com
    pinterest: pinterest.com/jefbowen

  • Score Composer Isaac Wynn +View bio.+

    Isaac Wynn

    I. Wynn is a music producer/film composer from Portland, OR currently operating out of Brooklyn, NY. He received a B.A. in Music Composition from Lewis & Clark College in 2010 and has been working it out on his own since then, collaborating with a parade of friends, filmmakers, singers, hip-hop artists, photographers, and designers. He is a multi-talented composer who speaks many tongues, loves music for music’s sake and is ready to adventure in any direction the client desires.

    “I’m delighted to join the Squad – as I told Greg when we first started discussing the show, I have an odd and long-standing fascination with best/worst (depending on your perspective…) of the 80′s musical palette – the synths, the sax, the smooth and the schmaltz. There’s a child-like glee that accompanied the wide cultural penetration of computers and synthesizers, of peering into the modern technological world, that is simultaneously ridiculous and endearing. I see the mid-80′s as a cultural pivot point from the old world past the tech/internet boom to the world we currently inhabit. In addition to good old fashioned comedy, Squad 85 explores this juxtaposition in interesting ways, which I hope to reflect in the music. This classic over-the-top mid-80′s zeitgeist has been consistently scoffed at and/or overlooked (often for good reasons, but we’ll be just as uncool soon enough…) but which merits further appreciation and indulgence. We all love it, and it’s just so much fun.

    Reading this page-turner of a script straight through in bed the night I received it, I was catapulted into this my own passion for 1985′s musical milieu, and immediately started my “research” – listening to tons of Wham, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel…(the list goes on forever) as well as key tv/film composers like Mike Post (Law and Order, Magnum P.I., L.A. Law…), Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks), Mark Snow (X-Files), etc. This process is ongoing, and I look forward to creating much more music to accent the script-writing comedic genius of Bonsignore and the kick-ass actors who bring it home.”

  • Theme Orchestrator Rob Preuss
  • Prod. Designer Patrick Higgins
  • Art. Dept. Asst. Eloisa Hernandez
  • Stylist (NYC) Kat Briones
  • Hair Brithney Lashaun +View bio.+

    Brithney Lashaun

    I’m a 80’s baby so I really appreciate the outrageous style. Anything goes! I think of big hair, neon colors, and shoulder pads. Recreating the looks was inspiring because it took my creativity to another level. I went for high pony tails and big hair that was teased and crimped. I used over-the-top hair accessories like banana clips, bows, and scrunchies. Bright colors and poke-a-dots were a must. I referenced hair from 80’s television sitcoms, bands, and celebrities. I think of the greatest like Madonna, Michael Jackson, A Flock of Seagulls, and Run DMC.

  • Hair Asst. Lash Allen
  • Make-up Alyson Granaderos +View bio.+

    Alyson Granaderos

    Alyson Granaderos began her career as a makeup artist in Chicago while earning her B.A. in film studies at Colombia College (1999). It was during her freshman year, that she was given the opportunity to intern on the Jerry Springer show. Showing up to the NBC studio, with her knock-off Kaboodle box of drug store cosmetics, Alyson was quickly thrown into the world of lights, makeup, and drag queen drama. It was from that moment, she decided to pursue her craft in television and film. In 2003, she packed up what little she owned, with a credit card in hand, and no job in place and drove cross-country to sunny Los Angeles. From day one on, she began working in the colorful world of celebrities, editorial, and music videos as an assistant to numerous well known artists including the late Paul Starr, for whom she recognizes as her most influential mentor.

    She continued her journey as a key artist, creating runway looks for independent designers for Mercedes Benz’s LA Fashion Week, and eventually found herself in the world of commercials and reality television. For three seasons, from 2008-2011, Alyson lived out of suitcases, airports, and hotels as she traveled the US, working as the key makeup artist on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, an unforgettable and life-changing experience. To date, Alyson continues to work as a freelance artist in film and television. When she’s not doing makeup, she eating her way through a foreign country, photographing food, workin’ on her green thumb skills, sweatin’ it out in a hot yoga studio, and writing up her plan for world peace and whole food living.

    Given the fact that I found myself laughing at every other dialogue bit upon first reading the script for Squad 85, I knew immediately it would be a creative adventure. I mean, I know I was in the prime of my adolescence during the 80′s, but they were years I fondly remember. And, yes, I will admit to having watched every single episode of most of the classic sitcoms, game shows, and infomercials into the late night hours.

    In creating the character looks for Squad 85, I dug deep into the archives of some of the 80′s best for inspiration; from Night Court to Designing Women, Who’s The Boss to Hill Street Blues, from Alf to Cagney & Lacey. Let’s just start off by saying, when you think of the 80′s you think of the mustache. And, who better to rock one than Rusty. He’s the cool cat of the bunch, with a Miami Vice Sex appeal, perfect teeth, and perfect tan. The mustache posed a question for the high school scenes, but then again, didn’t every high school have that one pre-pubescent rockstar? To make him even more of a ‘man’s man,’ my assistant Amy Audette, did a great job applying a small scar daily to his cheekbone using the 3rd degree silicone materiel. It wouldn’t be enough to just have one mustache man in the group, so I also decided to give the commissioner, played by Dietrich Bader, the classic ‘Tom Selleck.’ Bronx, played by our ever-so-talented director Gregory Bonsignore, took on a persona quite different from his male counterparts. To give him that little bit of extra edge, we decided to apply fake tattoos. How fitting, without even have coordinated with wardrobe, he strutted his “Proud to be American” flag tattoo while wearing a patriotic red, white, and blue vest. Lastly of the men, there’s Bobby, straight laced and clean cut. However, where I had the most fun with his character was the episode, that let’s just say, took me back to my days on Jerry Springer.

    I had a lot of fun collaborating with the key hair artist, Brithney Lashaun, and her team. Collectively, we put together looks for the lead females, that screamed 1986. Tori, being the Master of Disguises, was over-the-top bedazzled, sporting a bold bright lip (by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics), strong brows, and that classic blush line, painted perfectly straight in the hollows of the cheeks; a Madonna meets Officer Stacey Sheridan, (Heather Locklear, police drama, T.J. Hooker). In contrast, I wanted to soften the look on Wheels. Think of Janine, the secretary from Ghostbusters. Though, being the brains behind the operation, it’s still the 80′s, and where would be without some aqua eyeshadow? (by Makeup Forever) So, I decided to subtly emphasize her eyes with this most memorable color. It seems more fitting to mention the chief, played by Jeff Biehl, when talking about the women. Amy had a lot of fun giving him that extra female beautification, a routine once performed from his character’s undercover days. And, lastly, there’s Rickman. It was from the moment “go”, that Parvesh threw out the inspiration from Flock of Seagulls, “I Ran” music video. And after he decided to go blonde, well, we ran with the eye makeup for his grand lift off.

  • Makeup Asst. Amy Audette
  • Costume Designer Avital Epstein +View bio.+

    Avital Epstein

    Avital Epstein is a mixed media artist turned filmmaker from Miami, Florida. Upon graduating from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, her most recent short film, Peace at Home, was nominated as a National Finalist for 2012 Student Academy Awards. Amidst currently writing and developing her first feature film, she has honed her skills in costume design and art department by working on numerous film, television, and commercial productions. Avital is a food-obsessed freelancer who resides in Los Angeles, CA.

    Squad 85 is a campy gang of eighties cops who are as equally ridiculous as they are awesome. When it came to costumes, I wanted to enhance each of the character’s distinct qualities that we come to love. From cross dressing prostitutes to wet underwear competitions, we were always looking for creative ways keep things both fun and authentic. And of course, it was important to keep our glam squad always looking super attractive in true eighties style! Developing each of the character’s looks was a collaborative effort between the creative team and the actors. This allowed for the personal touches that enhanced the amusing but natural eighties look we sought out for.

  • Wardrobe Asst. Susan Kemp Smith
  • Web Producer Mike Hanttula
  • Stunt Coordinator Samuel Jaye Paul
  • Choreographer Nancy Dobbs Owen
  • Casting Director Russell Scott
  • Supervising Editor Libby Cuenin
  • Editors Libby Cuenin
  • Brendan Hughes
  • Layne Hurley
  • Colorist / Color Timer James Honaker
  • Press Photos / Kits David Yeh
  • Production Assistants Joel Clark
  • Mark Bonsignore
  • Ariya Akhavan
  • Joshua Nelson
  • Sean Davidson
  • Brittani Nichols
  • Max Hollingshead
  • Andy Gala
  • Mark Rasmussen
  • Lauren Cona
  • Narendra Gala
  • Quinn Johnson
  • Location Managers Patrick Mcllvain
  • Shawn Farnsworth
  • Daniel Alvarez
  • Lori Hardy
  • Michael Hanttula
  • Special Thanks John Petaja
  • David Chin

Supporting Cast

  • Academic Craig Jorczak
  • Angry Drivers Mark Swaner, Shawn Parikh, John Felikian
  • Boyfriend Randy Crowder
  • Cameraman Mando Alvarado
  • Carrie Skyler Vallo
  • Chik Fil A George Ketsios, Kit Williamson
  • Commissioner Diedrich Bader
  • Crackhead Tammie Smalls
  • Cubby / Assistant Principal Rizwan Manji
  • Dancing Girl Tara Tomecivic
  • Doo Wop Girls Dwana White, Jerrika Hinton, Kenya Alexander
  • Grandma Amy Hill
  • Guru Guru Singh
  • Hot Girls Anisha Nagarajan, Janina Gavankar
  • Kelly Mikayla Gibson
  • Libby Jaya Subramanian
  • Lionel Jason Kelley
  • Lorraine Hansberry Cherise Boothe
  • Macey Jeff Hiller
  • Nathan RJ Mitte
  • Network Executives Alex Reznick, Erin Levy
  • Prostitutes Christine Sinacore, Yolanda Banos
  • Scientist Danny Pudi
  • Bear Contestant Paul Asplund
  • Security Guard J. Nicole Brooks
  • Val Reena Dutt
  • Willam Willam Belli
  • Dancers Reesa Ishiyama
  • Heidi Hostetler
  • Yukari Koseki
  • Ethan Zachery Scott
  • Background Actors Aimee Le Joie
  • Alan Weischedel
  • Alex Reznick
  • Ariana Jackson
  • Charles More
  • Danny Jordan
  • George Barker Barrett III
  • George Ketsios
  • Jessica Morgan
  • JJ Mayes
  • John Tuckely
  • Kaitlyn Williams
  • Kevin A. Wells
  • Kit Williamson
  • Leah Forester
  • Max Hollingshead
  • Maxwell Chase
  • Michael Gillis
  • Quinn Johnson
  • Randy Crowder
  • Sean Davidson
  • Tahnee Glem


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  • Episode 4: It’s Gonna Blow


  • Episode 3: Special Ops


  • Episode 2: It’s Not the Work, It’s the Stares


  • Episode 1: Analog in a Digital World


  • The ‘Squad 85′ Trailer



Trading Cards


Press Inquires:

Contact Chandler Poling – White Bear PR – chandler@whitebearpr.com


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Squad 85, whose finale was last week, is heavy on satire and sure to offend. That makes it a perfect fit for YOMYOMF, which is perhaps the most racially diverse TV network ever and a standout in YouTube’s premium channel initiative.
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Squad 85 is the Time-Traveling, Cross-Dressing, Police Procedural You’ve Been Waiting For

It has an undeniable Adult Swim feel about it that would certainly suit that program’s short-burst-of-humor paradigm when it comes to its live-action offerings. In short, if Children’s Hospital is your brand of funny, Squad 85 will be right up your alley. Imagine if the original 21 Jump Street were actually meant to be funny, and only 15 minutes long. That’s what you have here, and it’s pretty amazing.
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What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

Politically incorrect, undercover, time-traveling cops use unconventional methods to bust drug dealers in hopes of “making drugs safe again for kids.” We want to go to there. An impressive comedic cast includes Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), Diedrich Bader (Outsourced), RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), Rizwan Manji (Outsourced) and Gregory Bonsignore (Lie to Me), who created the show and also serves as director.
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Squad 85 proves that, in action comedies, there’s no such thing as going too far over the top
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A new series for the YouTube network YOMYOMF (standing for “You Offend Me You Offend My Family,” a channel founded by Fast & Furious and Fast Five director Justin Lin) is underway: a time-travel cop series titled Squad 85. Hollywood.com exclusively announces that principal photography begins today, August 6, for the action/sci-fi/comedy. The series is set to air in the Fall. ++Read full article++


Collider Goes to the Set of SQUAD 85, Justin Lin’s Web Series About Time-Traveling Cops from the 1980s

When I got to the set of Squad 85, the new Justin Lin produced web series, a half-naked man was hanging out the side of a van screaming as it raced between sound stages at high speeds. About 20 feet back, another car – also with a man hanging out the window – filmed the whole thing. I had no idea what was happening, but it was pretty damn funny. ++Read full article++

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Squad85 Visits a Bear Bar

…The characters and situations are hilarious. It’s a great blend of absurdity and heart…
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Danny Pudi Cops New Webseries

Community may not be returning until 2013, but fans of genre-defying comedy are in luck because Danny Pudi has partnered with Justin Lin’s YOMYOMF YouTube network for a new webseries called Squad 85.
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‘Squad 85′: A Time-Traveling High School Cop Comedy for the YouTube Generation

Young cops from the 80s. Who time-travel to 2012. And go undercover at a high school.
If that sounds a little 21 Jump Streetish to you, then Gregory Bonsignore understands how pop culture savvy web audiences can be.
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On the Set of ‘Squad 85′

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Indian American Talent Flourishes on Fall TV

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Mar Vista’s Historic Fire Station 62 makes its debut in “Squad 85″

Our trusty fire station makes its Hollywood debut the 13th of this month when a new series for the YOMYOMF YouTube network premieres. From reports, Squad 85 is shaping up to be a most unusual cop show series:
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Jeff Bowen Pens Theme Song for SQUAD 85

On November 13 2012, the brand new comedy series from YOMYOMF, “Squad 85” will premiere its pilot episode featuring an original theme written by Jeff Bowen (“Title of Show”).
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New Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series: ‘Squad 85′

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Think 21 Jump Street meets Back To The Future, but with Willam Belli and Margaret Cho making appearances.
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Squad 85 Comedy Series Premieres on YouTube

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Undercover Cops Are Out Of Time in YOMYOMF’s Squad 85

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